Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 14/15: What Scares Me/ Favorite Halloween Memory

So, these are a bit late as I went out to Detroit for the weekend to see Gwar (which was a fantastic concert!), and wasn't able to draw. Something that scares me. The dentist. I've built up quite the tolerance to a lot of creepy stuff but going to the dentist is something I've always had an incredibly hard time handling even to this day. I have little panic attacks every time I go. Dentists are all evil people that are out to get you. Be afraid...

I love Halloween and have so many great memories. But the greatest feeling in the world was that feeling of coming home and pouring the mountain of candy out on the floor. Though, that great feeling was always short lived because it was always followed by having to wait for your parents to make sure some jerk didn't put an AK-47 in your tootsie rolls. Happy Halloween!

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