Thursday, April 26, 2012

Super Happy Avengers Vertigo-rific Draw-athon

Finally drawing again. Some friends of mine decided to do an Avengers Draw Challenge thingy as a countdown to the movie's release. I haven't really been drawing much lately, so this is a good chance to hop back on (or off?) the wagon. For the last week and a half or so, I've been sorta physically wierding out. I think I have vertigo? Or at least it seems like it. I have a doctors appointment soon, so I'll know soon enough what's up. So, I'm going to try real hard not to fall behind on this, as sometimes I get too dizzy to want to stare at a screen. 

Here's the list

1. Captain America
2. Hulk
3. Black Widow
4. Iron Man
5. Hawkeye
6. Loki
7. Spiderman
8. Wolverine
9. Nick Fury
10. Thor

Yes, I know some of the characters are not in the movie, but they were at least Avengers at some point. Either way I didn't write the list. And yes, I was a day behind already, but I'm caught up now :P

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