Sunday, January 1, 2012

In an interstellar burst I am back to save the Universe

Yo yo! So it appears my life in Skyrim among other things have been distracting my drawing life a lot lately. Trevor has taken it upon himself to dig me out of this hole and force me to start another draw challenge with him. He made the list which will fill up my next 20 days so stay tuned...

Top 5 Movies of 2011
Top 5 Games of 2011
Top 5 Shows of 2011
Top 5 Moments of 2011

I haven't really wrote out the list specifically, I might just wing it day by day. This is also my personal top list and somethings are going to be things I got into in 2011, not things made in 2011. Also, I think Trevor's trying to pressure me into doing a 365 day challenge since we just started a new year.....we'll see....

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